Summit of ASEAN Ophthalmology Societies

Signed memorandum of understanding for establishing ASEAN ophthalmology society

Memorandum of Understanding

This document represents the objectives behind the formation of the

ASEAN Ophthalmology Society (AOS)

The formation of the ASEAN Ophthalmology Society will propagate and consolidate Ophthalmological endeavours in the ASEAN region.  

  1. will reach out to all people and nations of the ASEAN region to promote the highest standards inscience and the disciplines of Ophthalmology.

Objectives and Missions

  • Tounite ophthalmologists in our ASEAN countries to form one of the strongestsocieties of ophthalmologists in the world.
  • To embrace the principles of the ASEAN Mutual Reciprocity Arrangement and the ASEAN Economic Community.
  • Topromote prevention of blindness activities and restoration of sight throughteaching, research, service and any other ways for patients in the region.
  • Tosupport and foster collaboration among national societies of ASEAN countries for the advancement of  education and research.
  • To collaborate with other international or regional organizations with similaraims.
  • Toorganize and hold regional congresses or other conferences and such othereducational and scientific activities.
  • Toraise funds and obtain financial assistance through donations, sponsorships orotherwise for the attainment of any or all of the objectives.


AOS seeks to work and collaborate with other Ophthalmological Societies in the region to help achieve the aims and missions of all Societies, namely the elevation of Ophthalmological standards and care of all people.

AOS are honoured to receive endorsements from the following organizations (listed in an alphabetical order of the name of the country):

1) Representative of Brunei

2) Cambodia Ophthalmological Society

3) Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association

4) Laos Society of Ophthalmology

5) Malaysian Society of Ophthalmology

6) Myanmar Ophthalmologists Association

7) Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology

8) College of Ophthalmologists, Singapore

9)The Society of Ophthalmologists Singapore

10)The Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand

11)Vietnam Ophthalmological Society

 Academic Conference/Meeting

The AOS Conference will provide a rich and diverse scientific programand be an important platform for educating and sharing of knowledge that is relevant to the region.